The Journey of the Magi-Analysis

The Journey of the Magi"

Here, Elliot pictures a tale told by one of the wise men on the trip to Bethlehem.The journey was made during winter. Line 1 "A cold coming we had of it"

The magis were out on a journey, searching for something,in fact the camels were tired.

" And the camels galled ,sore footed,refractory

Lying down in the melting snow"

The animals did not enjoy the journey. They regretted having left summer palaces on slop

" There were times we regretted.

The summer palaces on slopes,the terrace"

Apart from the animals and weather,the camel men were also problematic. The poet uses parralelism to emphasize the difficulty of the

"And the cities.......

" And the villagers.....

But at the end of stanza 1,we discovered inspite of all the difficulty the men were determined to continue the journey and find answers.

In stanza 2 however,the situation is beginning to look more favorable

"Then at dawn we came down to a temperate valley

With a running stream and a water mill"

Here the poet uses imagery "temperate valley" which suggest peace and "water mill which represents life. However in the midst of this peace there is an image that is contrary

" And the three trees on the low sky"

These represent the threw cross at Golgotha. So in the images of life there are also images of death,the persona tries to show the proximity between life and death.

They later moved to a tavern which symbolizes hospitality or rest.

In stanza 3,he recalls the journey and he would be please to go on the journey again

" I should be glad of another death"

This also symbolize death itself,that whenever death comes,he is ready to die


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