Analysis of The Blood of a Stranger

Background and Setting
The Blood of a stranger is an African drama written by a Sierra-Leonian playwright, Raymond Dele Charley. The play is set in Sierra Leone during the colonial period. It reveals the exploration and exploitation of Africa by the European.
The colonialists posed as tobacco farmers, but had their eyes fixed on the Diamond of the land; this led Seirra-leone civil war that lasted from 1991 to 2002.
Maligu receives a letter from an European called Whitehead, that he is coming to Mando for tobacco farmiming and it is against the tradition of the Mando people to receive strangers since their last war out break. The belief of the people is that,strangers in their midst bring sickness, war and problems.
Maligu then approaches Solo,the corrupt priest, confide in him and tells him to prophesy to the king (Santigi) and the people about the visitor.He does this so that the people would be convinced as the people believe in any prophecy from the priest.
Kindo, the chief warrior and the king's son, do not believe the claims of Solo because, the duo of Maligu and Soko are corrupt.
Whitehead arrives, and later reveals his true mission to Maligu that he is in Mando to harvest their diamond and he makes the people believe that diamond is a devil stone.
He tells the king that he is in Mando to help the village. He then distributes gifts to the king and the people. He gives them tobacco, hard drug and gin that intoxicate them and make them misbehave.
Whitehead connives with Parker and Soko, to rape Sara, Kindo's woman but fails.
Eventually, Parker kills Soko as a result of the unsuccessful rape of Wara. Kindo also kills Parker and reveals their evil plans. Kindo is banished by king Santigi for the killing of Parker in time of peace. In annoyance, Kindo kills Whitehead and leaves Maligu to confess his bad deeds. He then prophesies that Maligu would be enthroned after the death of his father, but his period would know no peace and that he would come back as a Prince to claim the kingdom, but if he doesn't, the story should be told to the generations yet unborn.
  • SOKO
    • PARKER
    • WARA
    • KINDO

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