Please Don't judge Me (PART 1)


  There is no justification for what is wrong,for surely what is wrong is actually wrong. Yeah!but wait!have you ever asked your self this question..if i were in her shoes,what would I have done?
A saying goes...''don't judge people until you truly know them. The truth might surprise you''...
     I am shade and this is my story....please don't judge me after reading this.

  ''You see,Shade,he wont be able to use his legs again.What you need to do now is get him a wheel chair or an electric scooter so that he can move around in it'' Doctor Collins said.
      ''Doctor please,hold on.Are you trying to tell me that my father wont be able to walk on his legs again''...I said,tears flowing down my eyes
   Clam down,the Doctor answered.The earlier you accept this as reality,the better.He said moving out of the room.
      What sort of life is this?Where do i get the money to buy an electric scooter?I have no job.I have no mother,no sister,no family except for Dad who is now lying pathetically on the bed.I turned and watched my dad as he slept........''No!'', I cried and dashed out of the room.I went straight into my room and rummaged through my clothes. I brought out a topless gown,I removed the clothes i was wearing and changed into the gown.I walked towards the mirror,peered into it and I loved what i saw.
       The gown was perfectly fit,a yellow net gown,it revealed  my hips and cleavages.Yes! I love what I saw, no guy would see this and not fall.
   wait,i  said to my self...I cant actually believe I'm out to do this....but so far its to get money for dad.I will do anything.
  I sat down and I applied my make up carefully,using a red lipstick. Satisfied with the makeup,I brought out a sneakers and headed outside the house.
       Kasali!  Kasali!!....I shouted... Where the hell is this guy? I ranted
'' Ma'',Kasali shouted as he emerged from the backyard
Where have you been? i queried him.
   Actually ma I was .......
     ''Keep shut''....   and listen to me,  dad is sleeping and I'm going out.So i want you beside him in case he wakes up.. I said scornfully..
     Kasali was the only domestic servant we had and we have learnt to cope with him but he can be very annoying.

     I stood outside the  house waiting for a taxi. Few minutes later,a taxi came by,I stopped the driver and i told him  my destination which was Royse Exquisite Hotel. I entered the car and we drove off.
        Royse Exquisite Hotel was one of the places you could catch ''big fishes''. Though i have never been there but i believe i was going to catch a big fish.I knew what i was going to do was risky,but i don't care as long as i was doing it for dad.He raised me up alone,mum died when i was seven years old.. I love dad so much that i cant allow him to be bed-ridden for the rest of his life.
''  madam madam,abeg come down we don reach oo'''The driver said.
  His voice jolted me out of my thoughts....'''oh I'm sorry...have your money''...I said coming down from the car.

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